Using Proximity Marketing Solutions for LISTING AGENTS Sales: 3 Key Benefits

Benefit #1: Notify Potential Clients When They Drive Past

Proximity marketing finds clients instead of asking them to find you. Place a BEACON from P.M.S. in the house or nearby of the road and trigger notifications directly to potential client’s mobile phones, Tablets , Laptops And Even Desktops.They can open the notification and find out more or schedule a tour directly from the information page. It’s a spontaneous interaction and smartphone users need an app to receive notifications – there is over 1.2 Million Apps And Approx. 6000 Websites That will display your Ad.

Benefit #2: Give Your Clients Property Information Where They Want It: On Their Phones

No more remembering to print out property information sheets and asking clients to shuffle through the papers throughout home tours. Deliver home details in vivid color directly to their devices while they’re in the home.

Upon arriving at a property, a notification will be sent to the client’s lock screen. When they open the screen and click on the notification link, they arrive at a custom page for the house they are viewing. The information is pulled directly from the MLS including photos, property data, and virtual tour.

Benefit #3: Enhance Your Open House Event

Using Proximity Marketing Solutions for LISTING AGENTS Sales: 3 Key BenefitsVisitors receive notifications as they arrive creating a more personalized open house experience. Not only does this keep visitors informed, it shows that agents are technologically savvy and promotes brand awareness for the LISTING AGENTS and their agency.

This is a relatively new way for real estate professionals to market their inventory. Using proximity marketing solutions like those offered by a US-based company called P.M.S., a LISTING AGENTS can market directly to potential client’s mobile phones when they come near a home that is listed for sale.

Here’s how proximity marketing, developed by a US-based company called P.M.S. (who specializes in proximity marketing solutions) works… You have a tiny wireless piece of hardware that can fit in the palm of your hand called a BEACON that they give you at no charge and can be placed anywhere in the home. Using a web-based platform called P.M.S. TOOLS (which is what you pay for), you decide the promotional message and link you want to program with your BEACON. The BEACON broadcasts your message and link and can be viewed as a Ad From Millions Of Apps And Websites.
Distances From The Beacons range From 100 Feet to 1680 Feet
And Using Fencing Technology Can Transmit 50 Miles radius from physical BEACON ( When plugged in or powered up ), Otherwise It will transmit 50 mile radius to any postal / zip code anywhere in the world ( Physical BEACON must be turned off or not plugged in )

Finding buyers can get expensive, however, LISTING AGENTS professionals can use this very cool technology for less than a few dollars a day!