Car Dealerships Increase Customer Loyalty With Proximity Marketing

The number one thing all car dealerships have in common, is the drive (pun intended) to provide excellent customer service to ensure they retain their customers. They know that, if they offer the type of customer service that their customer can trust and count on, they have a greater chance of repeat business each time that customer needs to buy a vehicle and service their vehicle. Automotive Dealerships Increase Customer Loyalty With Proximity Marketing
Excellent customer service encourages referrals to friends who will  enjoy the same experience they had. Here’s how proximity marketing solutions, can help your automotive dealership retain customers and build referral opportunities.
Car Dealerships use targeted marketing:
•to stay connected with service customers
•to attract new vehicle buyers
•to thank new purchasers
Staying Connected With Service Customers
Auto Dealers want to create return visits by their customers to the service department for a few reasons:
•Repeat customers are exposed to new vehicle models which could develop into a future purchase
•Recurring customers become committed to the dealer’s brand
•Satisfied customers become repeat buyers
•Happy customers will tell others about their positive experience

Attracting Prospective Vehicle Buyers
Auto Dealers use a wide range of marketing strategies to attract profitable prospective buyers, including:
•Automotive Dealerships Increase Customer Loyalty With Proximity Marketing Direct mail
•TV, Radio, Print Ads
•Joint Venture Marketing
•Customer Appreciation Events
•Internet Marketing

To expedite these marketing strategies auto dealers now have access to a new platform: Proximity Marketing.
Proximity Marketing makes building Customer Loyalty Easier for Auto Dealers
Automotive Dealerships Increase Customer Loyalty With Proximity Marketing BEACON by P.M.S., a US-based company, is rapidly becoming the most affordable and most effective way for automotive dealerships to attract new customers, thank new buyers and stay connected with existing customers with the P.M.S.  TOOLS.

Using P.M.S. TOOLS, a web-based programming platform, your dealership can create several compelling messages with a link to your website. The BEACON, a tiny piece of hardware that fits in the palm of your hand, comes free with your subscription. Each BEACON broadcasts specific targeted messages, which can be viewed as a notification on nearby smartphones and mobile devices , Tablets , Laptops And Desktops that are Bluetooth and Location enabled. Since the BEACONS broadcast 24/7/365, your messages can reach customers even when your dealership is closed!

Sales Departments use the BEACONS in three ways: to attract new vehicle buyers, to thank new purchasers, and to stay connected with service customers.
Service Departments use proximity marketing to educate your service customers by linking a BEACON’S notification to your dealership’s blog or newsletter, where customers can find useful tips and information.

Automotive Dealerships Increase Customer Loyalty With Proximity Marketing While customers wait for their vehicle to be serviced, they are looking on their cell phones, tablets , laptops and Desktops, which is an excellent opportunity to reach you customers. Your dealership has the opportunity to influence a captive audience with promotions, up-sales, even an invitation to test drive a vehicle. Another BEACON located in the service department, could include a message linking them to your dealership’s Google or Yelp review page.

With BEACONS you can create multiple messages, instantly change them and even track exposures, you’ll be able to soon see in real time that proximity marketing works in helping you get more eyes on your dealership.

To attract new prospective vehicle buyers, your sales or management team will determine strategic locations to place their BEACONS both on and off the dealership premises. When potential customers with smartphones come within proximity of a BEACON, they see the notification and  are directed to learn more; to visit your dealership; or your website.

Auto Dealers are taking customers on a virtual tour of a particular car on the lot: even when the lot is closed. With a BEACON notification you can direct them immediately to your choice of url for more information, a video, a website, Facebook page and more.

Thanking New Buyers
Another BEACON can be used to thank customers for their new purchase, loyalty, referrals, or just a simple message of appreciation that might read like this: “XYZ Dealership Loves Our Customers,”  the link would then lead to pictures of a happy customer with their new vehicle.

Automotive Dealerships Increase Customer Loyalty With Proximity Marketing Using P.M.S.’s proprietary web-based programming platform, simply create captivating messages and ads with links that lead customers to your: website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram, or any other social media channel to increase customer loyalty.

With P.M.S. TOOLS, Services you can create a 40 character message plus a clickable link. You can use a BEACON as a virtual business card that potential customers can save to their smartphone, tablet , laptop or desktop for future reference! A BEACON ad, which can be viewed when the notification is clicked, can include a graphic or video, additional information, your business address, contact information along with several ways to share your ad with friends and family. The uses of the P.M.S. are limited only by your imagination for your dealership!